VTE (VEE Test Executive) is an open test shell (test executive) developed in Keysight Technologies graphical programming language VEE (Visual Engineering Environment).

VTE is developed and sold by GJC.

VTE is suitable for small to midsize functional test systems and similar applications.


VTE handles common tasks required by all test plans (test programs) such as user identification with multiple access levels and roles, graphical user interface, global error handling, handling of test results, test reports etc. The structure of VTE gives many possibilities for customization and special requirements.


VTE uses a Microsoft SQL Server database (for example SQL Server Express) for storing of test results, configurations and more.


Test plans for products to be tested are created as VEE program files, often using VEE’s powerful Sequencer object. Test procedures used by test plans are created as VEE UserFunctions. With this follows access to all functionality included in the VEE language including instrument control, .NET Framework and much more.


From results in the database VTE can generate statistics incl. test result distribution (histogram) for individual tests and failure distribution (Pareto charts).


VTE can handle failed units and be used at troubleshooting and repair. Test and failure history for the failing unit can be used by troubleshooter and custom specific failure codes and actions can be entered.


The troubleshooter can also get suggestions for recommended repair action based upon fail syndrome. This knowledge is built up by VTE automatically based on earlier saucerful repair actions (replacement of a component for example).


VTE can be customized in several ways without having to modify VTE source code. Common examples of customization are operator user interface and test reports.


VTE is delivered as a consulting service including source code, user documentation, customization, and assistance at start-up/deployment. The customized version of VTE can be used and distributed freely within the company site


More information?

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